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Fading Innocence

The fight between Exorcists and Akuma is never ending. Or so it seems in the end of the nineteenth century. The Noah and the akuma are ready to destroy all of the 109 pieces of innocence that are scattered around the world.
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 Terra Starrk - Noah of Pleasure [finished]

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Character Name: Starrk Terra
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PostSubject: Terra Starrk - Noah of Pleasure [finished]   Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:29 am

Name: Terra Starrk /Joyd But he prefers just K'

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Nationality: American

Appearance: Terra is a tall slender person. He is pretty athletic and keeps his body in shape. His hair is kept spiky and silver. He doesnt have pale grey skin or his holy marks cant be seen. Because he chooses not show them. Terra's eyes change color from black to blue then yellow golden.


Height & Weight: he is about 6'1 and weighs 160

Personality: Terra could be described as a dreamer, his head is always in the clouds. Thinking of what some people would say impossible things. He is nice guy but he can be a little arrogant sometimes. Although he usually thinks about the situation before acting on it. Which gives him a leveled head. Another thing about Terra is that he is pretty creative and often finds a tricky way out of dangerous situation. He enjoys learning things especially things that he has a interest in. Evan can be very laid back sometimes, he can just lay down and sleep or think for quite a while. Terra has a knack for finding trouble most places he goes. He is often on the run from many people that want him dead.

Family: Terra has a family he had to leave in New York. His mother Gloria, his father Gregg, His little sister Laya, and his older brother Vincent who disappeared before he became a Noah.

History: Not much is known about Terra's past. He doesn't remember much about his life before becoming a noah. But he does know that he has a mental connection to his past family. But he doesn't know why he is connected to them. To him they are random people. When he became a Noah Terra felt reborn and his past memories were buried deep in his head. Although he kept a little bit of his old personality. Hopefully more of his past will be revealed later on.

Likes: running, sleeping, girls, the name K'

Dislikes: The Earl, his noah name Joyd,

What the Noah represents: Pleasure

Powers: Terra has the power to choose what he wants to touch. This mean he can walk on air or water. He can also make himself intangible and phase right threw solid matter. Because of his Noah abilities Terra can destroy innocnce simply by touching it as well as having controll over all Akuma.

Other then his Noah abilities Terra created a red and black glove that allows him to bend and manipulate fire. It is also able to focus on a critical point to use lightning based attacks, this is called Lightning atmosphere. Its last function allows him take absorb heat and freeze things to a certain degree. This is called Zero Point Breaking.

Along with his manipulation of fire Terra uses martial arts as well. He is trained himself in all physical combat and is very athletic.

Techniques- (Coming Soon)

Extra Info: Terra usauly has on a pair of glasses. He is wanted by many states around the world.

[i will give more info on his history later on. I will also add techniques he can use]
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PostSubject: Re: Terra Starrk - Noah of Pleasure [finished]   Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:38 pm


An unshakable dream that strikes fear in her very core. What is the dream that sends the young girl into a heap? Will the dream repeat? Will the girl be driven insane? Was it the cause of all her pessimistic thoughts?
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Terra Starrk - Noah of Pleasure [finished]
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