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Fading Innocence

The fight between Exorcists and Akuma is never ending. Or so it seems in the end of the nineteenth century. The Noah and the akuma are ready to destroy all of the 109 pieces of innocence that are scattered around the world.
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 Mission: Small town in Northeast China

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PostSubject: Mission: Small town in Northeast China   Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:40 am

*4 days after*

Lavi's green eye focused on huge doors that parted him from the village. He leaned on them and pushed as hard as he could, but the doors didn't move an inch. The redhead knit his brows and cursed. Four days without sleeping made him incapable of fulfilling one simple action. Lavi wanted to turn his head to Rikki to apologize for being so useless these days, but the crunching noise of the doors stopped him. The doors were opened just enough for his slim figure to enter the small town. He straightened his clothes and fixed the eye-patch. When the redhead looked up, he could see nothing but three houses in the middle of the empty space. There was literally nothing between him and those three houses. Lavi automatically grabbed his hammer and prepared himself for attack. Strange. the exhausted exorcist realized how heavy the hammer was in his hand.

"What the..."


the rest:
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PostSubject: Re: Mission: Small town in Northeast China   Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:49 am

Rikki stood slightly behind the red-head of an Excorist. She wasn't near as tired as Lavi, but it paid off to have trianed with Cloud for so many years. She barely kept herself from shuddering at the pure torment she was put through while under Cloud. She had a worse time under Winters, but she remembered Cloud's training the best. Her week with Winters was nothing compared to the torture she endured with Cloud. Many of her training sessions involved staying up for many days without sleep. Her weapon felt just as light as it did when she was completely rested. She couldn't afford a mistake when the usagi was so clearly exhausted.

The girl wanted to say something. She was dying to know if her companion was alright. She had been dying to know for days. She couldn't bring herself to ask though. She knew her eyes were probably showing the world all her feelings. It turned out that way when she didn't get enough sleep or stayed up for more than forty-eight hours with no sleep. The world could probably see right through her cold mask and into the true worry she carried for the baka.

The young Excorist's mind had wandered away from her current mission. That seemed to occur more and more as the days went by. In the beginning it wasn't that bad. It only occured when she was staring at Lavi for over ten minutes, but now her mind would just randomly wander to the question of 'what is wrong with the baka usagi?' She mentally berated herself every time the question popped up in her brain. She didn't have time to worry about that now though. Lavi's voice had brought her back to the world of the living and waking. Her golden eyes narrowed, and her griped tightened even more on her bow. Her already pure white knuckles turned a tad bit whiter. It wasn't possible for her grip to get any tighter without her snaping the bow in two. She stepped up beside the taller and older Excorist. "What's wrong, baka usagi?" she hissed out through clinched teach while slowly pulling out a silver arrow from the sheath on her back.

An unshakable dream that strikes fear in her very core. What is the dream that sends the young girl into a heap? Will the dream repeat? Will the girl be driven insane? Was it the cause of all her pessimistic thoughts?
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Mission: Small town in Northeast China
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