Fading Innocence
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Fading Innocence

The fight between Exorcists and Akuma is never ending. Or so it seems in the end of the nineteenth century. The Noah and the akuma are ready to destroy all of the 109 pieces of innocence that are scattered around the world.
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 Black Order Layout

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PostSubject: Black Order Layout   Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:20 am

1. Individual rooms
2. Medical Wing
3. Bathrooms
4. Training grounds
5. Cafeteria, Lounge
6. 1st Floor Entrance (forest is outside)
7. Main Entrance
8. Cathedral
9. Library, Meeting room
10. Communication division and other floors
11. Komui's private room, Experiment room
12. Science division Floor
13. Control room, Surveillance room, Operation room
14. Lab
15. Hevlaska's Domain
16. Crematorium and other facilities
17. Underground waterway

The list is Hightest to Lowest.
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Black Order Layout
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