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Fading Innocence

The fight between Exorcists and Akuma is never ending. Or so it seems in the end of the nineteenth century. The Noah and the akuma are ready to destroy all of the 109 pieces of innocence that are scattered around the world.
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 Rikki Asahi

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Character Name: Asahi Rikki
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Anti-Akuma Weapon/Noah Power/Akuma Abilites:

PostSubject: Rikki Asahi   Thu Dec 31, 2009 3:00 am

Name: Rikki Asahi

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Nationality: British

Rikki is very petite and fragile looking girl. She is a tad bit paler than the picture. She never looks sicly pale though. She has a black tattoo in the shape of a wolf on her back. She also has a black rose tattooed on the top of her left hand. She has no idea how these tattoos came about. Rikki tends to wear a black fingerless glove over her right hand to cover up the tattoo. Rikki is not Japanese, but she loves the kimonos. She wears the outfit from the picture whenever her Black Order uniform isn't needed. Her verison of the Black Order uniform is a lot like Lenalee's except for the fact that instead of a skirt Rikki has shorts. Rikki's hair is pitch black. It comes to her shoulders, and she does wear it like the picture shows. Her eyes are the same golden color as the picture.

Height & Weight:
Height - 157 cm (5' 2")
Weight - 47 kg

Rikki has two extremes. Her first extreme is like ligtning. She is energetic and everywhere. The other is like water. She is calm and serious. Rikki has always enjoyed teasing people, and she had the most fun when she teased people with Rena. She is over-protective of her friends, and she has authority issues. Her issues aren't as bad as her father's were though. Rikki also has the same flare for the dramatics and quick temper as her mother. Her mother once told her that her temper is like lightning. It comes and leaves suddenly. Rikki also loves to feel and dish out pain. Her favorite kind to give out is mental pain. Rikki treats everyone equally unless you are a part of her don't mess with list. Rikki is a sarcastic sadist. She has at times shown to be kind, but that was when she was talking about plants. She is very atuned to nature, and it helps calm her down. She can be snapish and blunt when irritated. She is more calm and cold when annoyed. She lets her anger known with loud words and angry expressions. Her kindness is invisible, and she is generally very upbeat. Finally, she has a cynical view on life.

Parents - Zen and Miaka Asahi
Siblings - Eiri Asahi (older brother), Rena Asahi (twin)

Rikki lived an untroubled life for three years. Then her family had to take an around the world trip. Rikki and her twin, Rena, were always ones to run off to find their own little adventure. That day they were in Australia. The two young girls were three and wanted to know everything about the world. It was hot, and the akuma spotted their dark clothes easily amongst the sparse plants. Rikki still doesn't completely understand what happened that day. One minute the two girls were skipping along and humming their favorite nursery rhyme. The next a large hole was in front of Rikki, and Rena had disappeared. The next thing Rikki knew she was being carried by a woman with long blonde hair. The last thing Rikki remembers from that day is the woman saying, "So... I found an accommodator afterall."

Rikki woke up the next morning to see her mother looking at her with tears in her dark brown eyes. Rikki only had to wonder for a second why. Her memories from the day before came flying back to her when the lady that saved her walked into her room. She remembers asking, "Mama, where is Rena?" She can still clearly see her mother shaking her head and running out of the room. The lady then sat down in the chair that Miaka had perviously occupied. Rikki remembers asking the lady what happened to Rena. The lady said, "An akuma killed her." Rikki just stared at the lady in confusion. The lady's face softened. She told Rikki this. "My name is Klaud Nine. I'm an Excorist with the Black Order. We hunt akuma. Akuma are weapons created by the Millenium Earl." Rikki just nodded. Klaud sat there watching her for a minute while a monkey ran back and forth from shoulder to shoulder. "You are an accommodator, Asahi-san. Will you help us defeat the Earl?" The lady offered her hand to the young Rikki. Rikki took her hand and offered Klaud a bright smile even though she had just lost her twin.

Rikki spent the next few years learning under Klaud. She was seven when she was finally allowed to go to the main branch of the Black Order. She joined the order at the same time that Kanada Yu did. The only difference was their ages. Klaud had to promise Rikki many times that she would be alright on her own before Rikki was willing to let her go. After that she became an empty shell. All she could think about was the day that her twin died and Klaud's depature. She felt that Klaud would never return again. Kanada just helped her draw further away from the world.

Then Lenalee, another young excorist, developed a mental disease. Rikki didn't really care at the time. She was only eight. She was slowly falling deeper and deeper into her own illness. A year later Lenalee's brother joined the Order and brought news of Klaud to Rikki. The news cheered the young girl up, and Komui's appearance cured Lenalee. After that Rikki wasn't as withdrawn as when Klaud first left, but it was still pretty bad. Lenalee tried everything she could think of to get the girl to open up. Lenalee finally cracked through Rikki's shell when the Rikki turned twelve. All of Rikki's pent up emotions just washed out of her. It left her feeling empty, but she now saw Lenalee as an older sister. Rikki was quick to help Lenalee in the Science Department after that.

Life went on for another year. Rikki was thirteen. It had been three years since Klaud had found her that fateful day when Rena died. The Order had once again gained a new member. This time is was an energetic boy and an old panda man. Lenalee had to stop Kanada from killing the 'baka usagi.' After that life went on. Rikki would recieve news of Klaud every month from Komui which made Rikki incredibly happy. When Rikki turned fourteen she divided the Order into two lists. One list was the list that she would not mess with. The other was the list that meant it was okay to torture them. Lenalee, Komui, Jerry, Klaud, and the Science Department fell on the do not mess with list. Lavi, the young excorist from when she was thirteen; Kanada; and the Bookman, the old panda man, fell on the okay to mess with list.

Now Rikki is fifteen. The Order has once again gained a new member. His name is Allen Walker. Quite a few things changed with Allen's appearance. The most important of which was the Earl's announcement. It was now show time. Rikki just prayed that they were ready for what lies ahead of them all.

Pain, Dark Colors, Allen, Science Department, Library, Moon, Lightning, and Memories

The Unknown, Bright Colors, Kanada, Death, Her Parents, Forgetting, Confusion, and Doubt

Anti-Akuma Weapon:
Rikki's Anti-Akuma weapon is known as Dark Thron. The first-stage of this weapon is a bow: Dark Thron is a large silver bow with multi-colored arrows. The body of the arrow also has a few devil symbols on it reflecting the shadowy past that Rikki left behind. The tips of the bow have white ribbons on them. The whole bow with the ribbons counted in is larger than Rikki while the actual bow is half her size. The arrows all have ribbons on the end of them. The ribbons on the arrows have different symbols on the bottom. These symbols stand for the different elements. The second-stage of this weapon is dual katanas: The bow turns into dual katanas. One katana, known as Rai, is grey in color. The other one, known as Hai, is black in color. Instead of ribbons at the bottom there are chains that just suddenly come to a stop. The hilts of the katanas are grey and black. The guards are formless like a shadow.
Rikki once stated that her Anti-Akuma weapon tricked the akuma's senses with illusions. She said that even humans would believe her illusions. Rikki's weapon is an equipment type that later evolves into a crystal type. The crystal type is a blood red ring on the middle finger of her right hand. The ring as butterfly wings on it to represent the ribbons on the ends of the arrows she uses in the first-stage of Dark Thorn.

Synchro Rate: 89%

Basic/First-Stage Abilities:
~ Kangooya ~ Emotion Arrow - These arrows are marked with the different emotions at the bottom of their ribbons. Most of these arrows are dark blue. Rikki usually shoots these off really quickly to make the shock of quickly changing emotions wear the body down. Once Shin has worn the enemy down he attacks with a red arrow which is the arrow for death.
~ Hageshii Kaze ~ Violent Wind - She first shoots a white arrow up towards the sky. The arrow will keep going until it explodes. The light from the explosion will cause all the shadows to disappear. While the shadows are gone Rikki will shoot off arrow after arrow to create fake shadows. These fake shadows will grow larger and larger until they eventually trap the akuma or Noah. Once the akuma has been trapped the air around them is slowly sucked away causing the akuma to fold in on itself until it explodes.

Intermediate/Second-Stage Abilities:
~ Hai no Kusari ~ Chains of Ash - Rikki holds her katanas in front of her in the shape of a cross. She holds them right in front of her face. Her eyes will shut for a fraction of a second. When she opens them again they will be silver. While her eyes are silver the world will fill with ashes that fall from the sky. Akuma will slow down in Rikki's eyes. rikki will then sweep through the akuma cutting at them with her blades. She will stop once she has gone about twelve yards. At that point the ashes will turn to chains that connect everything within the twelve yards to Rikki ran. After that lightning will shoot down from the sky. Rikki will hum softly, and all the akuma will explode while everything else will feel like they had been shocked.
~ Ibara Kokoro ~ Thorn Heart - Rikki has also dubbed this move Kage Kokoro (Shadow Heart). Rikki will throw the Rai katana up into the air. While that katana is up in the air Rikki will spin around in a circle with Hai held up above her head. When Rai reaches the height at which Rikki can catch she will grab it and form a cross in front of her face. After that Rikki will disappear from view. She actually just made herself appear to be the shadows. In the akuma's eyes Rikki will be attacking them from all sides in rapid session. Rikki can only keep this up for twelve minutes at the moment. Each time she uses this ability she will be able to hold it out longer. She has only used it twelve times so far. Rikki will have twelve minutes to attack all the opponents caught in her twelve yard circle of attack. When Rikki reappears to the opponents she makes sure to be in the place they last saw him. She then pretends to pierce her own heart with both his swords right before the akuma explode. She usually walks away after that or rejoins the fight.

Advanced/Last Ability:
~ Horimasu Jikan ~ Carve the Hour - Rikki's most fatal attack. Rikki casts a net of lighting around a twenty yard radius. Any akuma caught in that net will experience illusions. These illusions range from emotions to actual illusions. Rikki loves this ability, but she can't use it too much since it could hurt her allies as well as herself. Actually... there is no way for her to use it and not get hurt. It is a last effort move since it could kill Rikki. One katana, Rai, is used to draw out the illusion in the opponent's mind as Rikki hums softly. The other one, Hai, will carve out the illusion on the opponent's body. The akuma can't even escape from the illusion until it is the second before it explodes.

Extra Info:
Rikki has two mottos: "The Devil may care, but I don't." and "... there are no Happy Endings." Rikki is good with plants, and she has a few potted ones in her room.
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Rikki Asahi
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